Purely Herbal Skin Care Product for–Cleanser,Moisturizer,Anti-pollution,Anti-ageing,sun-protection.
ALOE-VERA Skin GEL - It's a total face care. Uses: It's for regular use & anybody can use it in any season any day & any time. Benefit details: 1. Cleanser: It's clean the skin from dust and all impurity. 2. Moisturizer: It's Moist & hydrates the skin. 3. Anti-pollution: It’s protecting from air/dust pollution. 4. Anti-ageing: It's protected & prevent from wrinkles. 5. sun-protection: It’s protecting from UVs radiation. Even its work for glow, softness, fairer & brighten for body & face. & it’s also best for facial massage & body massage. How to use: For Cleanser: First rub for 2-3mins, than wash normally. Moisturizer: Apply on face & gentle message. Anti-pollution: Apply on expose area of body & face before going out apply, than after coming back just remove with wet cotton. Anti-ageing: Apply before going to bed. Sun-protection: Apply on expose area of body & face before going out. It's a multi-purpose & regular based use gel. Contact: 7278229937, 7278229938, 7278314266

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Name   Bapan Pramanik  
Company:   EVERGREEN Product and Services  
Link to Website:  
Telephone:   0917278229937  

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