Lead Generation Process with Daily Payment
We are looking for International Call Centers all over India, Philippines and Sri Lanka with minimum 10 seats and having Predictive Dialer Technology to dial for our following campaigns - 1) US Loan Modification ------------ 15 USD (Daily Payment) 2) US Bankruptcy --------------------- 12 USD (Daily Payment) 3) US Debt Settlement -------------- 20 USD (Daily Payment) 4) US Credit Repair Survey --------- 02 USD (Daily Payment) 5) US Online Education ------------- 12 USD (Weekly Payment) 6) US Home Improvement --------- 08 USD (Weekly Payment) 7) UK Home Insulation -------------- 06 GBP (Weekly Payment) 8) UK Personal Injury --------------- 200 GBP (Weekly Payment) Interested Centers are requested to send their company profile at UID – zsp648

Price (USD) $: 00

For more info, contact:
Company:   DELHI BPO  
Link to Website:    
Telephone:   +91-8377048355  

Please mention AGSE when responding to this ad!

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