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Intersoft Institute India’s No. 1 Full Day Training is Providing Advance Chip Level Training Courses for Laptop Service Training, Desktop Repair Training, Data Recovery Training, Printer Repair Training, Mobile Repair Training and much more.. Following are the Course Details · Laptop Chip Level Training (Full Day Course: 6 Days) (Regular: 30 Days) · Desktop Training (Full Day Course: 3 Days with SMD) · Data Recovery Training (Logical & Physical Recovery Training) (Full Day Course: 2 Days) (Regular: 15 Days) · Printer Repair Training (Repairing, Flashing, unlocking) (Full Day Course: 6 Days) · Mobile Repair Training (Full Day Course: 8 Days) (Regular: 2 months) · Smartphone Repair Training (Repairing, Flashing, Unlocking) (Full Day Course: 5 Days)(Regular: 30 Days) Website: Contact: + 919824144698 Email:

Price (USD) $: 1000

For more info, contact:
Name   A khan  
Company:   intersoft  
Link to Website:  
Telephone:   9824144698  

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