Ground Service Equipments
Dear purchasing manager My name is Sikarin C. the sale representative in Thailand and regional Asian. we sell new GSE and supply spare part GSE as follow. 1.Air Condition Unit (ACU) 2.Aircraft Catering Truck 3.Aircraft Deicer 4.Aircraft Refueller 5.Aircraft Tow Tractor 6.Aircraft Towbarless Tractor 7.Air Start Unit (ASU) 8.Apron Bus 9.Baggage Tow Tractor 10.Container/Pallet Loader 11.Conveyor Belt Loader 12.Ground Power Unit (GPU) 13.Handicapped Vehicle 14.Lavatory Service Vehicles 15.Passenger Stair s 16.Portable Water Service Vehicle 17.Transporter 18.Solid State Converter if you need more information, please contact : call:+66-802-516667

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Name   SIkarin Chong  
Company:   Thai Star Transport Co.,Ltd.  
Link to Website:    

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